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Today’s market is a global one and our clients do business around the world. To ensure we can support that worldwide business, DGR is a member of an elite association of international law firms called LAWorld (www.laworld.com). While DGR maintains the freedom to work with any law firm anywhere in the world, LAWorld, an international legal network of more than 50 independent law firms covering most of the major commercial centers around the world, gives us fast, vetted, reliable access to some of the very best legal firms on the planet. Our long association with LAWorld (we have been members since 2003 and one of our partners is a past Chairman of the group) means that we know the lawyers in these offices personally, and that we have worked with them successfully in the past. LAWorld provides our clients with efficient access to quality legal advice anywhere in the world.

Our active membership provides added value to our clients with matters overseas. We can refer them to, and work with, a firm in a foreign jurisdiction, safe in the knowledge that our member colleagues have similar levels of service to our own. In particular, all LAWorld member firms have broadly based commercial, corporate and business practices with strong litigation capabilities. LAWorld firms have assisted our clients with cross border transactions, business migration, commercial disputes and international contracts. Like us, our LAWorld colleagues have a strong commitment to the use of the latest technology and have English speaking lawyers who communicate efficiently with us. These member firms return that trust by sending their clients to us when they need assistance where we practice.

Our LAWorld relationships run deep, and our role in the international group is a central one. Guy Rasco was elected to serve as two-year term Chair of LAWorld at the Annual General Meeting in Hong Kong in 2014. Guy previously served two terms on the Executive Committee. In 2009, Devine Goodman hosted the annual LAWorld conference in Miami. The firm has also hosted several Regional Meetings, including the Joint North and South America Regional Meeting in Miami in November 2015.

For a list of members and international legal updates please visit www.laworld.com.

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